Who We Are

Knob Creek Photography focuses on natural beauty. When it comes to editing, our philosophy is the less is better. The process is about catching that one moment in time in which memories are made. The real memories, not those brushed over. There are some retouched photos present, but those are hobby and for fun. At our core, we believe in the natural beauty of people, nature, and life!

I have always has a passion for art, but never such talent for drawing, painting, sculpting, etc. I did, though, always love looking through a lens and capturing the moment. It was later in life that I starting using photography as a form of zen for me. It helped me find balance and calm. The elemental idea of light entering a lens, the shutter in a fraction of a second closes, and that moment is captured forever. When I have my camera in hand I feel happier, calmer, and more in tune to the world around me.

As a child, I liked playing with cameras and capturing moments, but the cost of film and development was just too much. The spark reignited in college when Sony released its first generation Mavica digital camera. It wrote digital photos directly to a 3.5 floppy. I once found my love for photography. I was able to shoot, see, download, and do it all again instantly.

Something that became a frustration for me was the lack of affordable professional digital portraits. When my wife and I had our first child, we wanted photos of the typical events such as a first birthday cake smash or regular family portraits. I was shocked and dismayed at how expensive it was to get portraits. Everywhere wanted you to buy lots of prints. You could not simply buy the digital photos. To get all the photos from the shoot, it was a crazy amount of money that had to be spent along with much tangible merchandise. For new parents, this was not something that could be sustained.

Later, when my career dictated, I needed a professional headshot for various org charts and other company uses. Again, it was such a pain to find somewhere that would take a few high quality business style pictures and not want to sell me all the merchandise just to get a USB of a headshot. I feel it was these experiences that shape my philosophy toward what I do with photography today. Like we say, you deserve to have your special moments captured.

It was many years later before I decided to pick up a camera again. It was a basic point and shoot Canon (which my daughter now uses). I upgraded to a Nikon D3300 (now my son’s), and when I realized that time time could be more than just a hobby my wife encouraged me to invest in a professional camera.

It is such a great pleasure to share my experience behind the lens with you.

While you are here, be sure to check out our photo blog and Facebook page.

Contact us today: mark@knobcreekphotography.com

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