Why are we different

We at Knob Creek Photography are not a typical photography company.

1) The company is completely run by my family. Hi! I’m Mark the principal photographer. My wife and kids help with thinking of creative ways to make better photos, and I love making their visions a reality. My son, Alex, is my backup photographer. This may not make us exceptionally different, but I feel it does make us a great choice!

2) Your photos are your photos. I shoot fully digital photos in jpg format. When I am done shooting, the photos are moved to a USB drive. The photos are then yours to print, keep, share, upload, etc. All I do is have the ability to use the photos as marketing material. There are no copyrights on the images.

3) We do not sell any other product. We are not in the business of selling books, prints, or other photo items. All we do is take great photos. Once the photos are shot, we give you the results. We are happy to make recommendations based on your needs for photo items, though.

4) We do not retouch our photos. We believe in the natural state of the photo. If there are retouching items that you want performed, you are free to go and have that work performed. We, again, give you the full photos with no copyright restrictions. This allow you to get your photos faster and allows us to focus on our passion of taking great photographs.

5) We offer some unique backgrounds. We have a 40-acre property that includes dogs, cats, chickens, and a rabbit. They are always happy to join in the fun. The property includes a pond, beautiful tree scapes, a creek, various open fields, and a rural atmosphere. We are also available to travel to you.

6) Easy planning for costs. We like to keep things simple. Our cost for services is a flat $55.00 per hour with a minimum of a two hour booking. When we travel to your location, we charge the IRS mileage costing for the round trip. This makes it simple to know what you are spending, and the value you are receiving.

Contact us today for more information: mark@knobcreekphotography.com